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Eric Spike is a singer/songwriter, performer & producer! Born in York,UK.

He started writing lyrics from the age of 8, has been singing since he was kid; turning his songwriting into songs at the age of 13. When he started to tap into music producing, adding melodies and production around his ideas. He has always had a huge passion for music, fashion, technology & art. As you can see in his music videos.   He’s from a family of musicians, playing the piano is a huge outlet and stimulus for his creativity. Eric writes, produces and sings on all of his songs. His main sound is dance music but is working on other genres, changing up his style has brought him a new found freedom. He loves working with other produces/artists to vary his sound.   Eric recently performed at “Club NYX” in Amsterdam & has showcased his music catalogue across the UK at pride events, festivals with his back up dancers. Filming & editing his own music videos. He recently filmed the music video for “Satisfy” in “Tenerife, Spain” gaining 100k views on YouTube.   In 2020 during lockdown his “Lady Gaga - Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)” remix blew up, supported massively by "Steve Wright in The Afternoon" on BBC Radio 2 for 10 consecutive weeks! Featured also on Radio 1 on Scott Mills “Party Anthems,” Kiss FM & SiriusXM! Soon after Eric’s originally music caught the attention of Don Diablo which led to him releasing his first record “Freefall” with Don's label "HEXAGON". You can listen to his latest hits “We've Got Us” & 
“Crossroads” now!   The collaboration “Crossroads” with Ely Oaks was featured on “Italy Sky Sports F1.” Synced multiple times for the highlight section showcasing the best of the Grand Prix. Also this summer Eric's music video he edited for Power Trip hit over 1 million views on TikTok!   He’s currently spending most of his time finishing up a super exciting project, set to release soon. 

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